FCN is currently working with the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance and the Florida Action Coalition for the betterment of nursing in Florida.

The Florida Action Coalition

In October 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a landmark report, delineating how nursing can contribute to an improved American health care delivery system, prompting a national collaboration of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and AARP Foundation, named the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, to implement its recommendations...
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FCN Research Position Available

The Florida Center for Nursing Board of Directors and I are pleased to announce the opportunity to lead the planning and implementing of the Center's workforce research agenda.

UCF Position Title:    Associate Director, Research Programs/Services
Requisition Number:   401238
Position Number:       42856

Go to the UCF Employment Opportunities Website: http://www.jobswithucf.com/
  • Click on "Search Jobs"
  • Enter Requisition Number (401238) in the keywords and enter
  • Click on "Associate Director, Research Programs/Services"

Associate Director, Research Programs/Services job description


FCN Board of Director's Meeting

Florida Center for Nursing 
Board of Director's Meeting

When:  Friday, October 10, 2014

Where:  Florida Center for Nursing
              12424 Research Parkway Ste 220
              Orlando, FL  32826

Time:     8:00am - 3:00pm (EST)


FCN Board of Director's Meeting

Board of Director's Meeting

When:  Friday, August 8, 2014

Time:  3pm - 5pm (EST)

Where: Teleconference


Updated Nurse Supply Reports
FCN has updated our nurse supply reports for LPNs, RNs, and APNs. Read the reports here

Updated Nurse Education Reports
Read the newest Nurse Education Reports for Academic Year 2012-2013!  

Demand for Nurses in FL - New Report
Read FCN's newest report on the Demand for Nurses in Florida. 

New Campaign for Action Facebook page!
Action Coalitions, member organizations, and all others interested - please link to the Campaign for Action's new Facebook page and help spread the word!
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Nurses Shatter the Stereotype
Nurses Shatter the Stereotype
In a video released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation titled "Nurses Shatter the Stereotype", it is noted that nurses represent the largest segment of health care professionals and are the people who provide the most direct care at the bedside. What many people don't realize is that nurses also are working to provide, shape and improve health care in a wide variety of settings. Nurses are health care researchers, administrators, educators, soldiers, and more. Read More ...

FCN and FL Action Coalition Article by RWJF
FCN is pleased to share a new article from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Florida Nurse Leaders Continue Legacy of Collaboration. This article highlights our fantastic partnership with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation, and our work with the Florida Action Coalition. 

Nurses Retain Highest Honesty Ranking on Gallup Poll
85% of those surveyed rank the honesty and ethical standards of nurses very high or high - top among the 22 professions included in the Gallup Survey.  Since 1999, when nurses were first added to the poll, we have received the top ranking each year with only exception - 2001 when the firefighters were #1 and nurses were #2.  Congratulations and thanks to all nurses for maintaining the best honesty and ethical standards!  Read the full Gallup Report 

New Nurse Supply Reports and Updated Regional Workforce Reports

FCN Congratulates Nurse Leaders
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has selected 20 nurse leaders for the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows program
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Welcome to the Florida Center for Nursing!

Welcome to the Florida Center for Nursing's website, the online source for information, research, and strategies addressing the dynamic nurse workforce needs in Florida.

The Florida Center for Nursing is a state workforce center established in Florida statute (F.S. 464.0195) to recommend solutions to address Florida's nursing shortage. Our website is here to inform, educate, and update you on nursing shortage issues and solutions. By collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the nursing workforce, the Center seeks to ensure an adequate supply of direct care providers for the health of all Floridians

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At FCN one of our goals is to ensure you have access to the most recent nursing data from across the state. By creating various charts and graphs to illustrate our findings, we hope to provide a clear picture on what is happening in the workforce currently. The questions we've presented here are your gateway to the many facets of Florida nursing information. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

What is the overall picture of Florida's nurse workforce?

What is the diversity of Florida nurses?

Is Florida’s nurse supply adequate?

Are you planning for the future, informing policy decisions, allocating resources?

Are you writing a grant or proposal?